Füchslhof - In der Landschaft



Most come for the hiking trails, then return for the hospitality, the view, the cuisine and the joie de vivre. Füchslhof and the spa town of Meran offer that extra something that makes a summer holiday an unforgettable experience!

Füchslhof - In der Landschaft


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Classic „Forst“

If you are after a biergarten experience, don’t miss the chance to visit the Forst brewery and restaurant in Töll, where you can eat, drink and chill out just steps away from where South Tyrol’s local beer is brewed.
Therme Meran

Bad weather?

In the unlikely event that the sun takes a day off, the Marling sports centre can easily keep you entertained with badminton, beach volleyball and tennis facilities. Or you can visit the Therme Meran thermal baths and spend the day in total relaxation, before letting music draw you across the bridge towards the town centre. Meran hosts a number of high-profile music events, with everything from classical music to modern sound.
Zwei Weingläser vor Weinfässern


Those who appreciate a fine bottle should not miss the WeinKulturWeg (wine culture path) in Marling: the info panels along the way provide interesting information about the local wine-growing tradition, which dates back to the 12th century. The path leads past several privately owned wineries as well as the Meran Wine Consortium – a tasting is an absolute must! Would you prefer something stronger? Then the Unterthurner and Lahnerhof distilleries in Marling are the perfect choice: these are two traditional South Tyrolean distilleries that produce fine brandies and schnapps.

Füchslhof - In der Landschaft

Summer at the


The Meran winery and a large number of independent winegrowers near Marlengo bear witness to the century-old wine-growing tradition of our area. A great variety of grapes, including Sauvignon, Vernatsch and Chardonnay, thrive on the gentle slopes in and around Marling, and red wines such as Merlot, Lagrein and many more also find the terrain here to their liking. At Füchslhof, we have only recently started growing wine again, and we’ve opted for two varieties: Goldmuskateller and Souvignier Gris. At the end of June, the vines begin to blossom and envelop the whole vineyard in their fine, sweet fragrance. In July, we work the foliage and soil, and by Ferragosto, i.e. mid-August, the grapes begin to ripen. But we can’t just sit and wait for harvest time! The green grapes need to be carefully cut out so that the plants can thrive even more.
There’s much to do in the apple orchards, too. June is when we do the plucking: the small fruits are weeded out, and we need to make sure that there aren’t too many fruits growing on a tree at the same time. This is important to ensure that the ones left can ripen properly and be of good quality. We also prune the trees, observe them and, if needed, treat them with protective chemicals – but only as much as strictly necessary and as ecologically as possible. In midsummer, the harvest begins for the early varieties – especially Gala.